About Me

My name is Bryan. I believe the world is an amazing place, and that opportunities for improvement lie everywhere, "patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." So I became a designer, a profession that has sharpened my senses considerably.

I'm from California. I was raised to be curious by two of the best people on the planet. I left my humble home for Utah, determined to go to BYU like my dad. Six years of college taught me that I love people, design, technology, writing, and teaching. I left with three things: a diploma, a best friend I'm married to, and a determination to succeed in designing amazing human-centered experiences.

After a brief stint at Day One, I landed as a UX designer for an agency called RAIN. I teach voice interface design at Utah Valley University. Twice a month I help people appreciate the history and taste of chocolate at Taste in Provo. I keep a daily blog, a habit that helps my senses stay sharp. And I try to stay active in Product Hive and the larger design community.

In the free time I have, I love reading, writing, biking, hiking, and playing board games. I have a dream of one day designing a Big History museum to foster curiosity about our cosmos, planet, and the stuff all around us.

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