Other Writing

I love to read. The thing about reading is that it really makes me want to write. Writing helps my clarify my thinking and develop my views. So I try to learn and to write every day, and often I learn as I write. 

Here are some other venues where I write about different projects that interest and fascinate me.

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Design and Thinking

This blog is hosted right here–see the "Design Blog" link at the top! It's where I write about creativity and design: UX, interface, graphical, and instructional. Given my current employment and emphasis, I'm also writing a lot about voice user interfaces and design for digital ecosystems. I often cross-post using my LinkedIn profile, which is the only social media I have.

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My Commonplace Book

This is where most stuff goes: history, politics, religion, design; books, movies, music, and podcasts; quotes and ideas. Whatever I'm learning, I try to write out my response and clarify my thinking. I'm especially interested in the inheritance of civilization and great books from the past. You can also follow my book reviews on my Goodreads profile.

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Stewardship and Creation

I believe the earth is a stewardship–a gift from God. I also believe mankind (myself included) has a long ways to go when it comes to treating the earth right. This blog tracks my reading about environmentalism, climate change, Big History, and "ecotheology." I also blog about excursions into nature and learning to live more ethically.