Bryan is a UX designer in Utah

I have 5+ years of experience with UX research and design in an agency, working with clients like Nike, Autotrader, Wynn Resorts, Headspace, and Veterans' Affairs.

UX Case Studies


"Bryan's capabilities are diverse and numerous, whether an ask is strategic in nature as he diagnoses business goals and user needs, or as his work manifests in conversation design, UX design or UI design... He consistently demonstrates his ability and desire to learn and to grow as a designer.

"Bryan can also run a room. He's a confident presenter of his work and has the ability to naturally converse with a client to help diagnose the business problem(s) they are looking to solve, probe on the needs of the user or help guide and clarify client feedback to presented work — all while keeping the POV of the user(s) in mind so that their needs are properly represented in the exploration of solutions."

Greg Hedges
VP of Strategy and UX @ RAIN Agency

"He's a tireless advocate for being user-first in everything we do at RAIN and brings progressive ideas and actionable recommendations when solving any type of experience challenge, whether clearly defined or ambiguous in nature. He's also a naturally gifted presenter and communicator; he does well to balance detailed arguments while also presenting high-level ideas to senior client audiences, and he's equally skilled in rolling up his sleeves in collaborative settings with clients when required. Bryan is a highly valuable member of the team at RAIN, and will be so at any future organization!"

Dale LaRue
Director of Strategy @ RAIN Agency

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